URK 60th ja 61st International Cat Show

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Info letter for the show
Kevään näyttelyn upeita palkintoja.
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Invitation to Uudenmaan Rotukissayhdistys ry's International Cat Shows in Askola, 9-10 November 2019


Location: Askola-Areena, Linnankoskentie 61, 07510 Askola

Veterinary Control: On Saturday from 7.30 to 9.00, on Sunday from 7.30 to 8.30

Judging starts: Saturday at 9.30 and Sunday at 9.00

Show closes: Both days at 16.00 the latest


All breeds are judged on both days, so there is a possibility for 2 certificates. Cats can be presented by their owners. All rules of FIFe and Suomen Kissaliitto apply. The size of show cages is 65x65x56 cm, no double cages. Please bring your own cage decorations, food & food bowls, litter trays and other sanitary equipment. You are also allowed to bring your own show shelter as long as the minimum dimensions are 50x50x50 cm. A welfare officer will be making rounds during the show weekend to make sure all cages are of appropriate size and all cats have food, water and a litter tray available. Overnight stay at the show venue is not allowed. 


Veterinary examination is mandatory for all cats entering the show hall. Pedigrees and vaccination certificates must be presented. Vaccinations against the feline parvovirus and cat influenza are required. The latest possible vaccination date for this show is 25 October  2019. Rabies vaccination has to be taken no later than 21 days before the import date. For rules and regulations regarding the import of cats to Finland see www.evira.fi for travelling with a cat from EU / from outside EU. White cats must have a hearing certificate.


Invited and confirmed judges:

Mira Fonsén, FI (allbreed)

Isabelle Maillard Chiavuzzo CH  (allbreed)

Juan Jose Martinez Vizcaino, ES (2, 3, 4)

Anne Paloluoma, FI (1, 2, 3, C)

Michael Edström, SE (1, 2, 4)

Stephane Henry, FR (1, 2)

Miroslav Skotarczyk, PL (1, 2)

Marcin Biernaczyk, PL (3, 4)

Francisco Cinque, IT (3,4)


Students: Brigita Quobe  (3, 4), Annukka Rintakumpu (1, 2)


- Rights to changes reserved -


Show entries can be sent between 1 August  and 18 October 2019  through local clubs to show secretary Johanna Abgottspon, Puijonsarventie 21 A 3, 70260 Kuopio, FINLAND.  Please fill in and send a separate entry form for both days,  email entries are not accepted. Corrections and changes of show class in writing only or by e-mail to johanna.abgottspon(at) gmail.com. Entries are binding. For any changes to show classes or cats entering, contact the show secretary by email.


Show classes: 1-17. Number of cats is limited to 300 per day due to the size of the show hall. If too many cats are entered, the basis for elimination (by categories) is the date of payment.

Show fees:  All cats 38 € a day when entered between 1 August and 6 October 2019, cats entered on 7 October 2019 or after 40 €, control class 10 € if the cat is also entered to classes 1-14, otherwise 38/40 €. Fee for non-FIFe members is 50 € a day.

Show fee account (Danske Bank) IBAN FI83 8001 8710 0409 86, BIC: DABAFIHH. Please enclose a copy of payment receipt with entry form. Foreign exhibitors can also pay their entry fee upon arrival in euros (please notify the show secretary in advance). All cats in the catalogue must be paid for. 


Show hotel: 

Hotel Seurahovi, Porvoo (30 minutes from show hall) 

Single room 94€ / night
Double room 108 € / night

All fees include breakfast and a pet in room. No additional pet fees! 

All bookings straight from the hotel, phone +358 1 954 761 or email info@seurahovi.fi, with code Kissanäyttely2019 


Stewards can send their applications by 30 September 2019 to chief steward Jonna Varhama via private message on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jonna.varhama) or by email to varhama(at)iki.fi

Advertisements in show catalogue: by 20 October 2019 to Joel Lapintuli, joel(at)urk.fi


For further information please contact:

General information about the show               

  • info phone +35846 9696 590

Katerina Leino, show manager                          

  • katerina(at)urk.fi

Johanna Abgottspon, show secretary                                          

  • johanna. abgottspon(at)gmail.com

Mia Tuomivirta, treasurer       

  • mia(at)urk.fi

Jonna Varhama, chief steward                           

  • varhama(at)iki.fi